Nygard, Dillard’s, J.C. Penney, Wal-Mart Linked to Human Trafficking and Abuse of Young Women in Jordan Sweatshop

The original report by the National Labour Committee which led to me researching clothing companies like Walmart & Nygard, travelling across Asia and creating ‘The Apparel Truth’.

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The Apparel Truth Written Report

This attached document provides an in-depth breakdown, by region, of everything I discovered during my investigative trip. It includes information about supply sources and policies governing working conditions in a number of the factories known to manufacture for big brands such as Nygard, Gap and Walmart. This work is made available under a creative commons license, and is free to distribute and use so long as authorial attribution (Ian Dixon, The Apparel Truth) is made.

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The Apparel Truth – SHOCKING footage of sweatshops supplying Walmart, Nygard, H&M, Nike & GAP


SHOCKING FOOTAGE – Secret Filming Inside Nygard Sweatshop


SHOCKING Living Conditions of Workers at GAP & Nygard Clothing Sweatshop


SHOCKING Child Labour in Cambodian Reebok & Nygard Sweatshop

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