Write to Labels to Encourage Response to Apparel Truth

You are probably as concerned as I am that fashion labels should work hard to ensure goods are sourced from factories where standards for workers remain high.

For this reason, I would like to invite you to join my email campaign. I have written to each of the major labels, making them aware of the violations I uncovered while making my film and asking them to respond with details of their policies on ethical product sourcing. I want to hear about what they do to make sure their factory suppliers treat workers well.

If you would like to help me encourage big brands to monitor suppliers and press for better conditions, consider using the form below to send them a message. Urge them to answer me here at The Apparel Truth. I will be collating their replies, so that everyone can see what these companies believe about ethics within the industry.

You can use my example message, or write your own. Please remain polite and to the point, the person reading it deserves to be respected, just like everyone else (and they are far more likely to listen if you sound reasonable).

For responses I receive, I will let you know by email and make it viewable here on my site, for all to see.

Thanks for getting involved.

Email Form

Please fill in the form below to contact the clothing companies. You can write your own email or simply copy our example below. You will also need to fill in the simple ‘Quiz’ question to prove you are human and not an automated computer spam thingy!

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Sample Email

Please feel free to copy the email below and paste it into the ‘Contents’ box above, or feel free to personalise it to your liking. Please remember to add your name at the bottom.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently watched The Apparel Truth, an investigation of working conditions in garment factories. What I saw concerns me. You can see for yourself at here:

As principle buyers of these firms goods, Western fashion labels such are yourselves are well placed to put pressure on suppliers to uphold high standards of living for their workers.

The film’s creator, Ian Dixon, has called for major labels to respond to the issues he has unearthed, and I urge you to reply to his request to know your policiesĀ on monitoring suppliers, to ensure manufacturers take the rights of their workers seriously, and how you plan to put this on an equal footing with cost concerns.

Please respond to him directly via the email address

Yours faithfully,

(insert your name)


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