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Join the campaign forcing clothing companies to explain how they are tackling issues within the garment industry

This film is the product of my need to see for myself how our high street fashions are made.

My journey, to investigate our clothing chains at the source of their supply, began as just an idea. After reading news reports about the awful IBG factory in Jordon, I grew suspicious of claims that this was an isolated incident. Surely big name brands should be more aware of what their suppliers are doing?

The decision to investigate directly was made as I pondered what to do in my gap year. I always wanted to travel, but also to use my time for something more significant than a holiday. With a bit of help, I drew up a list of sources, and set off to see what I could find.

In spite of my suspicions, what I unearthed still surprised me. At first, I had only a rough idea of what I was doing, but through discussions with locals (at hotels, airports, in the street, with cab drives, anyone and everyone, in fact) I began to hear some unpleasant facts from factory workers and their relatives.

From a combination of filming (both openly and under cover) and interviews with workers, their supervisors, rights campaigners and union members, I built up a disturbing sense of the inhumanity ordinary people are made to endure.

Although this knowledge may not, of itself, change things, I think that the more of us who are able to see what is happening, the more pressure big corporations will be under. They have the power to end abuses of human rights all the way down the chain, but unless forced to do so, market forces will always take precedent.

Please watch my film, spread the word, play it to whoever you can. It is there to be used. If you have a campaign of your own which would benefit from showing it, nothing would make me happier. This footage is my best attempt to make a difference, but it needs to be seen to be worth anything. I want the whole world to know.